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It’s officially Summer! So you know what that means: heat (especially if you live in the South), much needed relaxation and long overdue travel!

We‘ve all been fortunate enough to witness, on social media and amongst our friend groups, an uptick of international travel to places like Dubai, Bangkok, and Havana. However, this international wanderlust trend inadvertently diverts traveler’s attention from the gorgeous destinations (and accommodations) we have yet to explore and experience right here within the states and the South is leading the pack in that arena! From historic landmarks to secluded islands to tropical paradises to 17th century mansions, the South offers an eclectic array of travel bucket lists and must sees!

Therefore, since the lazy days of Summer are finally here, I thought I’d gift you all my personal list of “The Top 5 Southern Hotels & Resorts”. If I haven’t visited the hotels or resorts listed, they’re definitely on my bucket list and I’m going to make it to each one if it’s the last thing I do! Here goes:

#5 The Salamander Hotels & Resorts Collection (FL, SC, VA, LA)

So I’d be remised if I didn't start this #5 segment off by screaming “Let’s hear it for GIRL POWER!” The Salamander Hotels and Resorts Collection was founded and is owned by Ms. Shelia Johnson, a multi-millionaire business mogul and minority woman!

Salamander Hotels and Resorts include properties located in Florida (The Henderson, Hammock Beach, Innisbrook), South Carolina (Hotel Bennett), Virginia (Salamander Resort), and Louisiana (The NOPSI Hotel); all upholding their collection motto, “Now THIS is luxury!”

#4 Blackberry Farm (TN)

Nestled in between the picturesque Smoky Mountains, this sprawling 4,200 acre property is not only a tranquil resort escape but a fully functioning farm! Plus, during your stay, you can join in on the everyday farm-minding activities. How cool is that?! The resort offers activities like culinary and wine tastings, fly fishing, horseback riding, and archery; a perfect place to become one with nature!

#3 The Greenbrier (VA)

Defenitely a bucket list trip for me! The Greenbrier is what the most elaborate murder mystery movie backdrop is made of: over 11,000 acres, 710 lavishly decorated rooms, and probable alibis galore! (Chuckles!) It’s an oasis for golf lovers, high roller gamblers, spa fanatics, and history buffs! You name it; the Greenbier delivers. It’s essentially a well kept exhibit celebrating all things Southern!

#2 Southern Hotel (LA)

Situated less than 1 hour outside of New Orleans, this Covington, Louisiana, 40-room hotel offers the ambiance of a large resort with a “Southern Twist”! The hotel may be a bit petit but it’s colorful decor and historical significance packs a big punch. This property also tops the list of the most affordable Southern stays with an average nightly price tag of only $152! So, next time you’re in the Southeastern Louisiana region, book your stay at the Southern Hotel and get the best of both worlds!

#1 The Colony Palm Beach (FL)

The Colony Palm Beach is what happens when you mix the entire Southern portion of the United States, the city of Miami, FL, and Havana, Cuba! This hotel tops the list due to its perfect balance of each and its strategic positioning right outside of the hustle and bustle of busier neighboring Florida cities. In each room, there is the plushest, most vibrant green carpet (That’s for decor lovers, like myself.) and nightly music in the lobby bar!

Honorable Mention: The Pontchatrain Hotel (LA)

I don’t believe I’ve ever been to a more beautifully mysterious property! Each guest room has its own personality. It’s as if you’re staying at a different hotel every time you visit; couple that with the lobby living room and you’ll keep rebooking everytime!

Well, that’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed! Til’ next time! Keep it classy, jazzy, and southern savvy! #YourRealtor 🏠👒

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