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Southern Travel: Most Gorgeous Southern Golf Courses

The South is home to some of the most pictuesque fairways in the country with courses bordering coastlines and hosts to major professional golfing competitions. Here I’ll spotlight these coveted venues and highlight all the welcoming amenities they have to offer! Be sure to save this for your bucket list!

1. Augusta National Golf Club

The country’s most exclusive golf club and course for the

mega-rich resides in the peach state of Geaorgia! The

Augusta National Golf Club is home to the annual

Masters‘ tournament where the champion is gifted a green

blazer and considered an honorary member of the golf

club for an entire year until the next Masters’ Tournament.

Initiaiton fees are rumored to be between $20,000 - $30,000 and annual dues are about $10,000. Despite the club‘s controversial past, it’s still hailed as the country’s most gorgeous course.

2. Great Southern Golf Club

Down in Gulfport, you’ll find the oldest golf course in the

state of Mississippi with views of the tranquil Gulf of

Mexico! The golf club is open to the public and you can

enjoy a day of play for well under $100. There’s a bar

and grill onsite as well and unlike its Augusta counterpart,

golf carts are allowed on the premises. Membership is

only $650 per year and includes unlimited visits and


3. The Bluffs Golf & Sports Resort

Nestled in the Feliciana parishes (counties in other states)

of Louisiana lies the masterpiece of the famed golfer,

Arnold Palmer, himself! The terrain of this 18-hole course is

adventurous and challenging even for the most

experienced golfer. Golfers can enjoy elevation changes

of up to 50 feet in some places.

4. Innisbrook Golf Resort

Four courses, one resort... just in the style of a true

Salamander resort! You can find this golfer’s paradise in

Palm Harbor, Florida, with frequent visits from PGA golfers

and amateurs alike. The resort most recently won Golf

Digest’s “2018 Best Golf Resorts in Florida” designation

along with 5 other recipients. This course should definitely

be on your southern golfing bucket list!

5. Golf Courses at the Greenbrier

And the Greenbrier makes yet another list! Who knew

their golf courses would give us the best of quite a few

“worlds”. The resort boasts 3 picturesque resort courses,

a private course, and 9-hole par-3 walking course. The

courses host both professional and private golfing events


6. The Honors Course

Regarded as one of the most “radical” courses in the

country because of its colorful brushes and green

landscape, Golf Digest names this course the best

in the entire state of Tennessee! The atmosphere is

almost eerily quiet and serene... a perfect landscape,

a golfer’s dream.

Who’s coming? Being a beginner myself-- so newly enthralled with the game, I’ve got to visit each of these beauties soon to get a few swings in and take in the gorgeous views! Happy Golfing!


- The Belle

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