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Inside the Belle’s Kitchen: Back to School Quick Lunch Ideas

Well, well, well! That de-escalated rather quickly. Not only has the “dog days” of Summer arrived but so has the new school year for teachers, students, and parents around the country. The proverbial “summer vacation“ has quickly come to an end and parents are switching from “Summer coasting” to “school year full throttle.” Many parents and guardians are making some pretty serious decisions during this time like transportation options for their children to and from school, affordability of extra curricular activities, and daily school lunch options. Since the 21st century seems to have become the age of increased food sensitivity, gluten free, and low carb everything, I’ve ventured to give our hardworking parents a hand with a few quick and nutritious lunch ideas for the fast approaching school year with special focus on low carb and gluten-free options for the kiddos! Some great sources of lunch ideas can be found at: tasty.co, life made sweeter.com, asweetlife.org, amindfulmom.com, and momables.com!

Ham & Cheese Roll Ups (gluten-free)

- Gluten-Free Ham Slices rolled up with slices of Colby Cheese

- Gluten-Free Pretzels - Cherries

- Homemade Gogurt

Kristen of “A Mindful Mom” says, “Be sure your lunch meat is completely gluten-free. I purchase certified gluten-free meat that is pre-packaged, so I do not worry about cross-contamination from the deli slicer that may have sliced meat or cheese that contains gluten.”

Tuna Salad Cucumber Boats (low carb)

Micheal with “A Sweet Life” says, “Here’s a fun and fresh way to serve tuna salad. Skip the bread and hollow out some cucumber, then fill with your favorite tuna salad recipe. These make a great low carb lunch or snack.  And if tuna isn’t your favorite, try using chicken salad!”

Peanut Butter & Jelly Oatmeal Crustables (gluten free)

Again, take it away Kristen aka “A Mindful Mom”! She says, “A tender, naturally sweetened peanut butter muffin, packed with a pocket of warm jelly. Truly a bit of heaven and SO much better than a traditonal sandwich.  Not to mention this is a gluten-free version of peanut butter and jelly. Plus these healthy peanut butter muffins freeze perfectly–making them just as easy (but tastier) to have on hand than Uncrustables.”

Broccoli & Cheese Nuggets (gluten free)

Laure Fuentes, contributed at “Momables”, says, “Nuggets just got better. Broccoli now has a new fun way of appearing in your dinner plates and lunchboxes other than steamed. This Broccoli and Cheese Nuggets Recipe will revolutionize the way you serve broccoli at your house.” Click here for the recipe. Pair with apple slices and a few slices of a cold protein and you’ve got yourself a super tasty lunch!

BLT Spring Rolls (low carb)

Who doesn’t like a quick, no frills, easily portable lunch like a spring roll? This simple option could be a go to option for both you and your kiddos!

Well, there you have it! And don’t forget to check out the websites listed above for more easy lunch recipes and to help you maintain your ”Super Mom” and “Super Dad” status! Five stars from the entire family!


- The Belle

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