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How to Plan the Perfect “End of Summer” Shindig

Hey guys! Well, Summer is finally coming to a close and boy was it a scorching one?! For those of you who love all things Summer, I’ve put together a quick step-by-step list to help you plan the perfect “End of Summer” affair!

1. Choose a theme!

So of course the idea is to bid farewell to Summer until next year but choosing a theme will help to make the party even more interesting! I know around this time of year there always seems to be an influx of “all white“ parties where invited guests are encouraged to wear all white and in some cases all white linen. The idea here is to get your last dose of wearing white before the ”acceptable white wearing season” ends. (There are so many rules in the South and this just so happens to be one of them: No white after Labor Day. Even though individuals are free to wear what they please, it’s deemed improper to wear white after this time. Therefore, the countdown to Easter begins!)

Another very simple idea would be a pool party or splash. Swim the day away with family and friends or just relax poolside to some of your favorite Summer tunes.

2. Choose a venue.

Choosing a venue is a very important step because you have to take into consideration guest accommodations as well as securing a venue that coinsides with the theme. I’ve found that the best parties come with very minimal frills. Therefore, if you‘re willing to open your home to your guests, that may be your best (and cheapest) bet no matter the theme.

3. Create your guest list.

Now here comes the hard part (for some). It’s pretty easy for me because I know who I have a great time with. LOL! I always go for small to midsized groups because I’m big on intimate human interaction and connecting with likeminded people. But, if you’re planning a huge shindig (and you don't have to pay per head), I’d say allow the guest list to remain fluid.

4. Menu prep!

It’s hot outside! Therefore keeping the menu light but filling may be a great idea. Fresh fruit, light and spiked spritzers, and small hors deorves should fit the bill nicely. If you decide to host one of those “all white” parties, I would veer away from any foods with excess sauces like soups, pastas, and meatballs.

5. Plan activities and secure entertainment.

Now this depends on the ambiance you’re trying to accomplish. Are you looking for family friendly? Then you may want to plan a few activities like an old school ring toss tournament or a wet and wild obstacle course. Then for those who’ve opted to plan an adults only party, a DJ may keep the energy upbeat and fun!

6. It’s time to party!

Throw on your swimsuit or finest Summer fashions and let the fun commence! Happy end of Summer!



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